Hilcorp's True UP BS 2020

Hey All, Has anyone else noticed Hilcorp is still doing true ups a year after they said they would be done? It is now July 2020 and once again they did not pay in June and said we would not be getting payments again for the rest of the year or into early next year as well. I think it is time we come together and get a class action lawsuit going against them.

Has this been happening to everybody else?

Thanks in Advance.

I am attempting to collect San Juan County, NM royalties dating back to mid 2017. They continue to state checks are being mailed to my former address. Since the first of the year i have returned two of their company change of address forms.

Good luck to you. Trying to get anything from them, is like trying to get blood from a turnip. They always have some sort of an excuse. The worst part of it is you can not speak to anyone but owner relations. Would be very helpful to speak to folks in accounting. But nope not gonna happen with Hilcorp. The favorite excuse is they have always paid over. When in fact they are not paying for all the state is reporting. So keep an eye out and get a full accounting of your wells that you have with them.

We have owned these interests for twenty years and the only change was a move. My former computer died therefore I cant verify a prior address change notification.

Hilcorp finally cut a check that didnt include any well detail. The enclosed attachment provided instructions directing me to Oildex on their owner relations site. After three failed registration attempts it locked. I havent been paid since mid 2017 so I`m attempting to confirm all suspense has been paid before the funds escheate.

I have since forwarded another email requesting copies of the current detail and hard copy of well detail on all future payments.

If your check was like ours the detail was over 1,000 pages. Our check is direct deposited so I always go to Oildex to see the detail. They did a huge amount of adjusting for previous months that had been estimated.

Fortunately my check detail was only a third of yours. Hilcorp forwarded a copy since I was unable to log into Oildex from their site.

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