High offers to purchase mineral rights in Culberson Co

I have a little over 10 acres and receive multiple offers to sell my mineral interest every week in Culberson county. The latest is over $25,000/acre. Can someone provide me some insight of what is happening in the area, or in the planning stages. Thanx Much!!!

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Are there any common / free web sites that I can easily see what wells exist, and possible permits that have been applied for in or around Section 46, Block 59, T-1?


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HI. Would you mind sharing where you got your top offer? I would like to inquire about our mineral in Culberson too.


I have had many offers, I get at least 2 per week. The one I opened today and in front of me is a cash offer before negotiating of approx 20,000.00 per acre, I have some higher, for first offer, then after negotiating is at approx 25,000.00, and this is with little effort. Most of my paper work is burred in a pile of confusion at the moment, but you can start with AOG Anthem Oil & Gas Inc Dustin Bell (432)684-8200. I imagine these terms should be somewhat private, so I appreciate if you would not share my info, but feel free to contact in your interest. Let me know how it goes.

Good Luck!