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Anybody have an idea how to find lot 436 John H Shary prociones 58,59,60 on the Texas railroad community we site?

Two questions:

I inherited a very small (5 acre) mineral right in Western Hidalgo County when my father died in 2011.

1. It is non producing....is it taxed? I don't recall my father ever mentioning taxes and he was very detail oriented

2, How do I make it known that I have these rights?

I hear there is recent activity in northern Hidalgo County. Can anyone. Verify?

It is interesting to me that the Texas Railroad Commission oversees allah this mineral stuff in Texas. Cap'n Jim, your question 1. in Oklahoma, and I seriously thing in Texas and everywhere else as well, is that minerals are not taxed until they are in the pocket. The physical land, i.e. landowners, however, are generally taxed for the land allah the time, depending on the state, of course. Texas Florida, a couple others have no income taxes, and must surely resort to highway robbery or something for states income, I guess that is right up the alley of anyone calling themselves a "Railroad Commission?" I worked for over 20 years for the old Frisco Railroad in Texas, and when I retired, I still felt a little railroaded when I saw my first retirement check. I am guessing my oil/gas royalty checks will give me that same railroaded feeling. LOL

Ron, Welcome to the Lone Star State! I have enjoyed your ramblings in Logan County, where I also have some minerals, but most of my holdings are in Texas.

For Cap'n Jim,

In Texas, you will pay property tax, called "Ad Valorem" tax at the county or school district level, in addition to state severance tax. Neither of these apply unless there is production. The ad valorem tax role is driven by the operator (or payer's) division of interest file -- so everyone who has submitted a division order will receive a county or school district tax bill.

Oops, Cap'n Jim, I forgot to address your 2nd question about how to make it known that you own your father's minerals in Hidalgo County. Here are a few methods:

Testate (your father died with a legally valid will) -

1. without county probate

- record the original or a conformed copy of the will in the county where the real property is located

2. with a county probate (may or may not be in county where the mineral interest is located)

- record the entire probate package in county where interest is located (Hidalgo in your case). This will include the order admitting the will to probate, the will, the estate inventory and any further court orders.

Intestate (without a legally valid will at death)

Record an affidavit of heirship in Hidalgo County.

By any of these methods, a good landman will know that you are the rightful heir to your father's interest, when he/she is verifying records in order to lease the area.

I hope this helps.

Right, and I believe the Landmen and Landladies, are probably our best, and maybe even our onliest friends. Glad to hear somebody is paying attention to my Logan County ramblings, just call me Rambling Ron. LOL

Is there anything going on in Hidalgo county at the present time? My dad had a couple of leases many years ago but no activity since. I'm in Alabama and am delighted to find this forum.


There are lots of folks that can help you on this forum. Please give abstract #'s so we can look them up.


Hello, Hidalgo owners. I'm hoping someone here will have some experience or advice on this, or maybe a local contact who I could consult with. I am the executor of my mother's estate (she passed in January) and the real property in the estate includes mineral rights there in Hidalgo County. The property is not currently producing and, if I understand correctly, it hasn't produced in at least five, maybe 10 years. For the probate court, I need to report the value of these interests. Any idea how I would go about assigning a value? Or, does anyone have a recommendation on who I might contact in order to assess/appraise the interests? Thank you very much for any advice you could share. -Josh

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