Hi all new to this

I just got notified via a bunch of court papers that i have mineral rights to sections 9 and 16 township 4 south range 4 east Johnston county... im still waiting to get contacted by the law office ....so my question--- can anyone tell me how much area that is or share pics of the area.....i hope my question is not a silly one thanks....jim

Welcome Jim! No such thing as a silly question, this is a place for knowledge. With that said, unfortunately the STR (section, township and range) merely tells where your mineral rights are located. There’s a few ways to find out what you own, you can have a landman run title to verify what you own however that’ll cost money… I would only suggest that if you were interested in selling (to make it worth while spending the money to verify). Or you can wait until a company is interested in your mineral rights and offers to lease or purchase them (which they will tell you what you own). If you know how they came to be yours, you might have luck back track it and figure out something on your own.

Hi Jim!

A Section is typically 1 mile x 1 mile, 640 acres. So, if you own mineral rights to Sections 9 and 16, you own mineral rights in two square miles.

If you can tell me what State your interests are in I may be able to send you at least some basic information about what is happening on and around them.

Charles Emery Tooke III

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Jim, since this is all new to you, a suggestion is to check out this publication of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission http://www.occeweb.com/og/Basic%20Information%20417.pdf You can download it/print it. Some of the information is really basic to help get you to understanding the terminology, and some of it will be helpful depending on what you find out about your new minerals. I would also encourage to join the Johnston County group and ask your question there, as well as reading through past posts. There are a lot of helpful folks on the forums, and as Jonathon said, no silly questions. The more you learn, the more questions you may have.

The booklet mentioned above "Basic Information for the Oklahoma Royalty Owner" will give you instructions to search by legal description the OCC imaged filings by O&G companies for your sections (permits to drill, completion reports, etc.). There are also instructions for Oklahoma Tax Commission information on active and inactive wells that may have been produced in your sections. This is just a start for you. Good Luck!

Thank you charles..my interests are in oklahoma

Thank you so much ..hope your day is great

Thank you Wesley

I just looked up your minerals in sec, 9 t.4s r. 4e and they just drilled a new well 3/10/2017 they are waiting for results. I would get hold of BNK petroleum inc. as they drilled it.

hope you have a deed. they can tell you how many acres you have, you may have been force pooled.

look that company up and call them

By the way a new well in sec. 8 was drilled the month before and ipo'd 250 bopd and 150 mcf gas plus they are drilling 2more wells in sec. 8 which is next to yours.

ok thank you

Hi gary what i recvd was court papers from johnston county saying that exxon wants to drill there and shows me as owner of that area on the court papers im not sure how to go about deeds it seems pretty damn tricky and im far away

Also new to the forum and seeking info about section 23 5 n 4 s. Have had offer to buy mineral rights .want to know if anyone has in formation as to recent activity, offers to buy in or near this section and what are the prospects of future activity. Thankful for any info

Robert, check and repost your legal description, can't be 5n 4s.