Herv oil,llc

My Mother receive an offer to buy her interest in the following section S17,10N R 13E This oil comany according to OCC webpage does not own the well surface drill vertical oil and has not file a 1073 with OCC as of this writing.They have filed in the County clerk documents stating they have bought this lease from previous owner. I was wondering if this a legal offer or another scam in this business. Thanks.

The last drilling activity in that section was 2002.

Interesting is that Calysx Energy, GM Oil Properties have done quite a bit of leasing in the last year. Something must be brewing. Herv Oil has six filings on www.okcountyrecords.com in 2019 and 2020 for deeds or assignments.

Yes, Mrs Barnes I have those Documents but Calex also lease to her backed in 2018 for a three year term also was to do a Seismograph permit to for N4/4 of section 17, She received the money but no Seismograph work was ever done according to land records. I am very conern about this type of activity.

She does not have to sell. She can just wait and see what is coming. Calyx has another two years to drill a new well. Anytime someones wants to buy, they know something and they think they will make a profit. Herv Oil has been around for a while. They are probably consolidating some acreage in the hopes that new drilling will happen. They are a mineral buyer. Not to worry about the seismic shoot not happening.

Thanks for the assistance Mrs. Barnes. Appreciate your insight on this Matter

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