Henderson County Offer

We have received an offer to BUY our minerals in Henderson County. Is that unusual? Is there anything going on that we should be aware of?

What ever you do dont sell your mineral rights. If they want them then they will lease for 2-3 yrs contract. You will get lease bonus and a royalty %. Dont know your situation on acareage and location but I have had multiple leases in the last 10 yr on same 52 acres Crossing my fingers and praying they start drilling. It is a must that you get a good real estate attorney to help with the oil and gas contract. They will usally work with u on paying after contract is signed. Do not trust the oil companies or especially the land man. They are not your friend.

Thanks for the info. We really had not considered selling the mineral rights. We assumed they were really interested in leasing, if they were wanting to buy the minerals. We only have 12+ acres in Henderson County. Our acreage in Cherokee county is 56 acres, so we really would like to lease that, but no bites on it yet.