Henderson and Cherokee Counties, Texas

I have property in Cherokee County near Mixon. My husband and I have property in Henderson County. Any prospects for us in the near future?

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There is some activity in Henderson County. Could you share your Section, Block or Abstract number. We can check the GIS Mapping System to see if there is any activity in that particular area.

There is also some activity in Cherokee County but not in the Mixon area.


Clint Liles

A. J. Clayton Survey, A-156, and Thomas Y. Buford Survey, A-112

12.324 acres, Vol. 820, P. 153

Reta Brand:Henderson County A-156 & A-112

Just to the West/Northwest of A-156 & A-112 Chesapeake has drilled the Ned 1H(API 213-31094) into the Goodland lime formation. The well tested 275 barrel oil per day /218,000 feet gas per day. I do know from checking Courthouse Direct/Lease Alert that Chesapeake has leased a lot adjoining acreage in that area. And the word is that they are interested in drilling some more wells in that area. At this time I find no production data on well 31094

Link to Completion Report:


GIS(Geographic Information System)map of Henderson County A-156 and surrounding area:


Clint Liles


I find no new activity in the Mixon area of Cherokee County. South and S/E of Troup Texas has been fairly active in the past few years. Breitburn and Tanos have been completing some good gas wells into the Cotton Valley Sand formation.

Clint Liles

There is a report on new applications to drill a 2nd well at Ned 1H. It was applied, I believe in February and was approved in March 2017.

Drilling Edge website shows that Chesapeake Energy did a 2nd application for a Drilling Permit for NED 1H on February 23, 2017 and were approved on March 9, 2017. The earlier application for drilling was in 2016.

David L

Thanks! Do you know whom I would contact to see if we can lease our land, since it is so close to the well?

Thanks! That is what I thought, but just wanted to confirm.

Contact Chesapeake Energy.web or if you can find a web site, Eagel Land which did the leasing for Chesapeake.Which survey are you in?

A person at another Mineral Rights Forum said that the second application was not really an application to drill another well, but was an application to change the name of the Field from Wildcat to Girlie Caldwell. That's all I I know. And sorry for the misspell of Eagle Land in the previous message.

If anyone can verify this claim about the nature of Ned1H's 2nd application I would appreciate it.