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Here is some interesting reading: http://www.epmag.com/item/Consolidating-the-mother-all-stacked-plays_104658

It looks like the Bivens ranch will be the next sweetspot.


I would contact the Hemphill County Clerks Office and see if they might be able to shed some light on your mineral rights in that County.


Clint Liles

I have received a lease offer of $1,650.00 an acre Bonus for a 3 Year term, with an additional 2 Year option at a 100% of the Bonus, containing a 3/16ths Royalty Interest in Section 31, Blk 42, H&TC Survey Hemphill County, TX.

The property in under a 3 year lease that expires May 2nd. I have not heard from the the company that has this lease yet. Does anyone have any advice or comments?

John Kincaid

My wifes mother had mineral rights in Hemphill and paid taxes back in 2003 but we have not heard any more about it and can not find info of any ownership. What or where can I go to get this information. Would like to know if we still have it or what happened to it.




I suggest you call the Hemphill County Clerk Office and possibly they will do a search for you OR you may have to make a trip to the Hemphill County Clerk Office yourself and make a search OR contact a landman that can make a search for you.

I would definitely try to find out about those minerals.


Clint Liles

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