I found my grandmother's name on a legal in the Ponca City News dated July 13, 2012. Mackey Consulting and Leasing was asking for forced pooling and it had to do with the Dobson Sand Unit. My grandma was from Newkirk. Her mother Mary Leiber Rastle died in 1948 and the property was split between the three living children. I think they may have sold the property but retained mineral rights. Grandma died in 1970 and I found this legal by a strange coincidence. Her sister and brother were also on the legal. How do I find out? I've emailed the Kay County Clerk but no response. I just need to know where to look. Unfortunately, I live in Missouri and it's a bit difficult. Any help would be appreciated.

If you want to accept my friend request on the forum I will give you my # and try to help.