How do you find out exactly what you do own. So far I have leased 3 and about to do a 4th. When the phone rings its a total surprise. Is there a to input family names to locate mineral interests?

you can call the local court house in the town you are getting calls's all on file. call tomorrow....

Kelley: ownership of real estate and mineral interest ownership are recorded by Deed at each Texas county's court house in the County Clerk's office. Mineral interests are a seperate "Estate" per Texas real estate statutes/law. Mineral interests can be sold separately from the surface "Estate". Oil companies commonly hire people to search the County Clerk's records to determine who owns mineral interests.

My suggestion is for you to contact the County Clerk's office in the county where your minerals are.

There are some online applications that will let you search land records from the county clerk's office, such as

However, they typically only go back a few years, and they don't go back to the beginning; however, they are often very helpful. If you are in Terry county, this particular county is NOT included yet online.

Without some idea of WHICH section/township/range or labor/league your property is located, calling or visiting the county clerk's office is a daunting task. It's about like walking into a library without a card catalog.

You might be able to learn something about the general location from the properties you have already leased. When you get phone calls on the 4th property, quiz the landman calling about your question.

Good luck.

Kelly since your leasing currently has the price per acre gone up any more since this began? 400 to 450?

Absolutely last Sept/2011. 250 and 25%. That was just for 10 acres. The most recent 400 but only 23%. The best deal I made was last year for 350 25%. But it was for only 2 yrs. all the other leases have been for 3yrs. This last lease that I haven’t signed yet may be awhile got a family member in east Texas that doesn’t know sic em from come here. And of course HE is reluctant to let a Woman help him even though I’ve been in the oil business for 34yrs. So we are either going to snooze and lose on this or get a better price.

We got $500/acre, 25 % royalty, 3 yr lease...It's coming up on 2 yrs that we, if it goes past one more year, we will re-sign at same rate....Just FYI. Hoping that they find something soon. Just heard that they are re-doing the it will take some time to fix a problem they just acquired...but with luck they think they found something good. You never know!

Amy what part of the count are you in?

terry county ( more in center of terry county) and other acres in hockley county..