Help with Texas Minerals

Thats a great idea!! Thanks so much! I am going to see if I can do that:))

I unlike you, live in Texas and have minerals in Oklahoma. I’m not sure about Texas, but Oklahoma requires an Ancillary probate of a will not probated in Oklahoma. I contacted a lawyer in Coal county, who quoted me $2,000. to probate the will (or half of the minerals). Later I found out that I needed an “ancillary” probate, which shouldn’t be very expensive. So, I’m just saying to double check what they tell you.

I don’t know, but Texas may require some sort of paperwork before they will “file” your paperwork. My spouse’s will was probated in Texas, but I had to provide a “certified copy” of the probate. I got that from the probate court. It took about 30 minutes to get it done. bk

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While I am as much a free market person as exists, these lawyers who propose taking a percentage of minerals for payment are not the kind of humans you want to deal with. Would you deal with a doctor who said, “I’ll be glad to do the operation for $2,000 or 50% of your kidneys”?

Honestly…this. If people put it into context in any other field what happens every day as “normal” in the mineral space, the outrage would be much louder.

“Yeah, so I went to a Realtor to sell my house and he said that he would make the process SO MUCH EASIER for me by figuring out how much it was worth by himself and then buying it himself!”

“I get these dividends from this collection of stocks my grandpa left me and a guy knocked on my door and offered me $100,000 for them! Can you believe that? I only get like $10 a year so of COURSE I said YES! I don’t even know what stocks grandpa was invested in that he left me, anyway”

“When I got my new apple phone there was a 12 page notice I was supposed to read but I just accepted it and started up the phone. Apply now owns half of my house now too, but that’s my fault because I should have read all the fine print and it’s just how business is done to see if I notice things like that.”

“Hi, Mrs. Smith? This is the bank calling. We have a safety deposit box here with some cash in it from you mom that she left you. Because we were so nice that we found it for you and took five minutes out of our day to look up your number, we’re going to take 50% of the contents as our commission for calling you. You’re welcome!”



That’s terrible of him-