Help with mineral

  1. Section 16, Township 2 South, Range 4 West—Stephens County, Ok
  2. Section 21, Township 2 South, Range 4 West—Stephens County, OK
  3. Section 10, Township JN, Range 26 ECM--------Beaver County, OK
  4. Section 10, Township 5 N, Range 26 ECM-------Beaver County, OK
  5. Section 10, Township 4S, Range2 West---------Carter County, OK
  6. Section 9, Township 4 S, Range 2 West---------Carter County, OK These are my mineral (left to me) are any of them worth anything

The brief answer is “yes”, they are worth something. There are producing wells in most all of the sections you listed. How valuable they are depends on your percent ownership and which part of the sections you have rights to, unless you really do have ownership of the entire sections. It was generous of someone to leave these to you.

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