Help with mineral heirs

Yes I have a man from from a mineral purchasing company that is saying I have 0.3125 net mineral acres in section8 blk 56 Reeves county this was my grandfather’s he has been deceased for over 20 years how would I go about getting them put in my name thank you any help will be appreciated

You need to speak with an attorney to have an Affidavit of Heirship drawn up and filed. should be a simple process. Once that is filed with the County, let the mineral purchasing company know and keep educating yourself on mineral rights (not always to easy as it can be quite complex). Good luck!

Contact the energy company and see their process. You most likely willhave to probate his will in the county in which the wells in.

First you need to put in a Affidavit of Heirship Than contact a Local Lawyer not in Reeves County there isn’t many try Pecos this is where I have my lawyer from.

Visit with a Texas attorney to avoid costly mistakes and goose chases.

Look in the directory in the above right corner of page for attorneys listed. Mr. Flueckiger is who helps us.