Help with Intestate Succession!?&$!

As with many others on this site, I just learned that my great great grandfather left his descendants mineral rights in Wetzel County WV. My father lived in Georgia for many years and died there, leaving behind a surviving spouse and 4 children (including me) whose mother is not the surviving spouse. According to Georgia law, his surviving spouse would get 1/3 of the mineral rights and we would split the other 2/3. According to West Virginia law, it is my understanding that his surviving spouse would get 1/2 and we would split the other 1/2.

Which law trumps? State of residency or state where mineral rights are located?

West Virginia law rules for West Virginia property.

I also have minerals in Wetzel County. I have tried to hire two different landman to research them. No one ever reported back. This is after two years. I have been taken advantage of by landmen and am afraid to just hire any lawyer, plus the fee might be to much. Just wanted to get everything taken care of before I die. If you find an honest lawyer, please share his name.

Carol, you might be able to do some of the research yourself. Link to Wetzel County documents website

And, honest lawyer: Scott Windom in Harrisville, Ritchie County WV phone 866-451-9642

Kyle Nuttall, Buckhannon, WV 304-473-1403

Thank you. I did go to that site and that's where I found a copy of my great grandfathers will. His son, my grandfather died in 1953 without a will. I was contacted and have signed a lease with an oil company in another county. There were 3 sons and a daughter, but I do not know any names if there are other heirs. I am 75 have cancer and cannot go to WV at this time. I just wanted to know what happened.

contact R. Kyle Nuttall, good honest attorney, but what is it you need done I may be able to help,


Sorry so long to reply, have been gone for chemo. I want to know what happened to property left by F.M. Brookover , will written 1925 filed Marion County probated Marion Co. 1930. He had property in Wetzel Co. One of his children was my grandfather, W.N. Brookover. What happened to this property? Sure hope you can help.