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I have several different counties in Texas/Oklahoma that I inherited mineral rights from my Grandfather. I don’t really know much and have tried to research but it is not going well and would like to know if someone could help me find out things I need to know for little or no money as I have none. Since this pandemic maybe someone out there is just horribly bored for something to do. Thanks DSM

What exactly are you trying to find out? Your question is a bit vague. There are lots of free websites out there that can be useful but you need to give us a bit of guidance as to what you are looking for. Do you know what you inherited ? Do you have location information such as State, County, Abstract (TX) , Section, township and range (OK).

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Hi - Do you have the legal descriptions of the interest? You will want to search in the County Records under your grandfather’s name or the names of whom he might have inherited from.

i have information but it dates back to the 1930,s and i am just trying to figure out where I go next i have some good information on some but not all areas. Just what was on will as description and some old leases I have. Everyone that would have known has since passed nd have come across things that could be mine but cant determine if it is or not.

It sounds like you want to run title on specific lands listed in a will from the 1930s. Not impossible, but difficult given the time frame. If you post the counties you think you may own interest in, people can provide you with online resources that you may be able to use to chain the title. Unfortunately, very few online resources are free, and many counties do not have records online that go back as far as the 1930s. Just a luck of the draw sort of thing. Good luck.

some of the descriptions are only coordinates. and i have discovered in my endeavor that most are now in a different county now as they have been re-surveyed and broken up again, having trouble finding correct surveys

Speaking only of Oklahoma, there should be sections, townships and ranges. Something like section 10-2s-4w. The county wouldn’t have changed on these legal descriptions.

i AM TRYING TO FIND THE EXACT LOCATIONS AS SOME OF MY INFORMATION ARE ONLY COORDINATES. I know that I leased some years ago but the company has been taken over by lone star gas and no one can seem to give me any information on that lease but best i can determine it was producing there at one time. Is it best to call each county individually but again not sure what county where these minerals are and what the county it is now as some have changed.

  • have been trying to get social security info for my grandfather and father the last 6 months they continue to use the pandemic as the delay. I know that my life didn’t stop. I hope there will be an end someday.

What does your lease say? When you use “coordinates”, what do they say? Are they in latitude and longitude or are the section, township and range? I really doubt that they changed counties unless a river moved.

If you post some of those “coordinates” we may be able to get you started.

If you are in Texas, have you searched If you are in OK, have you searched

I have never seen a deed with exact coordinates of latitude and longitude. Those were not available decades ago and even today would depend on a pinpoint. I am wondering if you mean metes and bounds descriptions - such as with starting point and then describing “south 38 degrees and 18 minutes east 117 varas” or maybe in feet. A Texas vara is 33 and 1/3 inches and was used in many land grants. Metes and bounds descriptions are commonly used to describe river banks, swales, cliffs, and man-made canals which are not straight lines. ManyTexas counties were “subdivided’ out of other counties. See link below for history of all Texas counties. If you post an example using specific language from a lease or deed, it would be easier to answer a question.

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You are correct it has degrees etc. It has become very confusing. How to find it. I just need a starting point where I can input that information and find exact locactions where those rights are located. Everyone is dead and gone now. I have my suspicions some are producing. Just need to straighten everything out is all.

If you post the coordinates, some of us have the ability to look them up and help you. Copy the exact language.

If you have the name of one of the companies, then contact the company directly and ask them about it. Have your name and any ancestor name ready.

Also, check the unclaimed funds in the state of residence of your ancestor and the states where any holdings might be.

i am trying to find anything.

Exp: 1/4 interest John Clark Survey JB Beall Hamilton county TX 61.32 acres in and under 200acres situated 14 miles west of the town hamilton in hamilton county tx Beginning at the NE corner said James HAyr survey No. 17 Then hence S 19 W1250 vrs to its SE corner Then hence N 71 W 903-1/0 vrs to corner south boundary line said survey Then hence S 71 903 1/5? via to place of BEGINNING

The will has been probated. Almost all of my descriptions have this wording.

Please could anyone give me the easier way to find this information if you don’t mind


Debby, I’ll take a crack at it. Looks like the end of your description has been garbled and may be missing a line.

It looks like you have the East half of Abstract 405 (A-405) in Hamilton County. The NE corner of this property is at 31.6925N 98.3483W about 14 miles West of the city of Hamilton. 1250 varas by 903 varas gives a rectangle of roughly 3468 ft. by 2505 ft. which comes out to 199.4 acres, pretty close to the 200 mentioned in your description. The RRC Public GIS map and the Texas GLO land/lease viewer both show this as a Section 17, which may match up to the Survey 17 referenced in your description. Also note on the GLO map this area is named J Hayr, which matches your description, but on the RRC map they call it J Hays. Maybe the name got changed or corrected at some point. Hope this gives you someplace to start. There are probably older maps available somewhere that would more closely match the names on your description.

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If you do not need the money I would wait for oil/gas prices go higher. The reason is that checks go down month after month when the oil is drained and the pressure is lessoned. If your first check is with oil at $65 a barrel you will get quite a bit better checks for the first year than if oi is at $45 a barrel like now. (that is the simplified non-geologist information)

When/if you get a lawyer to write a contract regarding you % of the royalties I would have 2 or 3 different lawyers write up the contract. Yes, it will be expensive but if one of of the contracts is .002 and the other is .005 it will make a World of difference in you monthly check 4 or 5 months of a better contract should take care of the money put out for the contracts. I just had one lawyer write the contract and well (no pun intended),… I wish I would of had 2 or 3 choices.

Also, like they say when you come into money, the best thing you can do is nothing for about 6 months. The land is going nowhere (I hope) and will be there when you have had time to asks questions, do research on the internet and know more about the oil/gas “game”.

If nothing else try and see the % of royalties paid out to others in the area that you own. That will give you a base to see if you are getting a good deal regarding % of Royalties. Once the contact is signed then that is the % of royalties you will receive from then on. You would have a better chance of going to Mars than breaking a royalty contract once it is signed. Also, Don’t just rush into anything or be dependent on just one person for your knowledge and advice. That is my advice hindsight being 20/20 or so.

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