Help with finding where a well will be placed


occwellsection19.pdf (990.4 KB)

Section 19 13N 6W Also any idea when they may start? Thanks for any help. Just hoping they will be drilling in section 30 since they combined the two.


You will have to wait until the cases have been heard and have an order before getting a clue as to timing. The permit usually has either a six month time. The pooling would have a six month or one year time frame.


I thought that map may give an indicator as to where they were planning to drill. Do they consider not putting it near someone home? Or is that not a consideration.


When the permit is issued, it will usually post a map of where the planned surface location will be, the path of the wll and the bottom hole location. Many lease forms limit any drilling to be 200’ away from a home. They are usually looking for a fairly flat site (with a bit of help from a grader) close to the north or south edge of a section.