Help with a research project

I'm an MBA student at Rice University, and doing a research internship for a wealth management firm in Houston. My project deals with the Eagle Ford Shale play and the various ways that wealth is being generated and managed along the region. I'll be visiting the area next week, just to meet people and get to understand people's thoughts and feelings about it all, and I wonder if anyone would like to meet me for a lunch/coffee or a beer and just chat a bit? I'll be in Karnes City on Friday, have a meeting at 10:00, but the rest of the day free, if anyone is interested in helping me out. I'll also be in Cuero on Wednesday, and Gonzales on Thursday. Thanks to anyone who responds. I'd really appreciate any insight, and just making new contacts. Please note: this is not a sales or prospecting or spam message. I am not authorized in any way to promote or sell this company for whom I am doing the research. But, my success does depend on gaining a good understanding of how rapidly increasing wealth in the region is affecting individuals, families, and businesses, both positively and negatively. So, I'll sincerely appreciate anyone taking the time to chat with me. Please send me a friend request/message.

I am interested in helping provide you content for your project.

Thanks, Albert. I'll send you a message and explain what angle I am coming from. It may not be in your area of interest/expertise. However, any sharing of information and ideas will be much appreciated. - Jay