Help using RR commission website

In the past I downloaded a spreadsheet with production volumes for the Schwalbe Sonoma State 120 1H and now I can’t figure out where or how I got the information. Does anyone know where to find this information. The report gave me the WC ID (00001), WC Name (Schwalbe Sonoma State 120 1H), month, year, sales volume. I’d appreciate the help.

Should be able to pull it up at this link. You’ll need to select District 8, Oil well under Type and Lease Number 49560. Attaching latest numbers below in case that doesn’t work for you.

Schwalbe Sonoma State 120.pdf (221.9 KB)

Thank you for your help. How did you get it into a PDF? I see where I could download it but it is in excel. What I have and can’t relocate is an excel spreadsheet that shows the sales volume of oil and gas. I could email it to you to show what I’m talking about. I use it to compare to my check details. The oil values match my check but the casinghead does not, so I’m confused by that.

Did you try that link to RRC’s site for a Specific Lease Query?

On the page that opens from that link select “Oil Lease”, enter lease No. 49560 and select District 8. Then put in the date range of want to see…looks like your well started producing in October, 2017 and March, 2019 is the latest report that’s been posted. April numbers should show up there next week. Hit the submit button at the bottom left corner of that page and it should pull up your well. Then you can click “Download” at the bottom left corner of the page for your well and the information will be formatted in an excel spreadsheet.

If your royalty check shows volume for sale of NGL’s (natural gas liquids) that will change the volume of natural gas being sold. The volume that is shown on RRC’s report as natural gas production is the gross amount before the NGL’s were extracted.

Yes I did use the link to the specific lease query and could see what you were talking about. I’m also trying to find production data on 2 other wells that starting producing in Nov '18 with no luck. I was able to find the permits. If you could assist me I would really appreciate it. I’ve tried multiple combinations of information looking for them. They are the Hornsilver 1H and the Apres Vous 1H, Ward County, PHANTOM (WOLFCAMP), Halcon Operating is the operator, district 08. Also where do you find the lease number, I don’t see it on the drilling permit. Thank you for your help.

RRC’s site is down for weekly maintenance until 6 tonight but will check for your other two wells when it comes back up.

Open this link and in the column on the left of the page click “Lease Drop-Crude Oil”. Enter your drilling permit number [840365 is the number for Apres Vous and 840369 is the number for Hornsilver] Enter “1701” or whatever date you like in Beg Period box and enter “1906” in the End Period box. Choose Ward county from the drop down menu and click search. In December 2018 Apres Vous produced 22,269 gross barrels with a gross value of $947,721.39

RRC doesn’t assign a lease number until they have approved a completion report for the well and Halcon apparently hasn’t filed one yet on either of those Ward County wells you asked about.

AJ gave you the information on how to pull up sales volumes on the State comptroller’s site.
To see production numbers for those wells through April on RRC’s site use the link below and under Production By Lease select “Pending”, District 8, for RRC Identifier enter the permit number, and set the date range from Nov. 2018 to April 2019.