Help understanding the process

I own mineral rights in Western Oklahoma with a producing well. The first production date was early July. While many people in the area have ask us "how production is", we have not been able to find out anything regarding the production of the well. However, we have heard through the rumor mill, it is projected to be a very good well. I have called numerous places to see what the process is prior to being paid for production, and either people don't know or have told us they are not allowed to release that info. I believe at this point we are waiting for Division orders. WE have been told it might be January before a check is received. Since this is the first producing well, after owning mineral for many years, our family would like to understand the process better as well as the time frame.

Should get your first check after 6 months, what are the section, township and range and someone can give you the IP numbers.

Fill in all the info you have. to this. What is IP numbers?

I have seen that website and the well is listed. Do you know how long it takes before there is details regarding production?

If you will give the legal description, operator, well name, someone on the forum will assist you. Also, Join the County group where the well is located.

Roger Mills County Section 23 14N 21W Well name is Trout 1-23H

I believe the operator is JMA Energy.