Help understanding Gas Royalties

I just can’t make the Gas Royalties statements from Kraken Oil & Gas make sense. In Jan - April 2019, we regularly got royalty checks for gas production on MICHELLE LAUREN #1H NDIC File No: 34418. Starting in May though production is similar Kraken reports that production costs exceed the value of the sale of the gas produced. Based on what we received in Jan-Apr and the MCF sold the royalties would have been $5500 in May- Dec. How is this possible? Could Kraken be inflating production cost to avoid royalties? Do I have any recourse?

id have to see the production numbers from dec18-dec19 to see if they were adjusting the choke to reduce production, and the MCF price for each month. do they charge you for transportation? was their pipeline shut? theres lots of variables. is the electric deducted? i read about 50 of those things from about fifty different operators each month. youre drawing a blank here. maybe if you could cover your name and post pics?