Help selling mineral rights

I own mineral rights on 250 acres in Beckham County. I leased 5 acres to marathon oil a number of years ago. They never drilled. I live in Colorado. I would like to sell my rights, but have no idea how to start the process or who to talk to.

Parts of Beckham county are seeing a resurgence. If you post your section, township and range, then we can give a better idea of the activity in the area. That will have a bearing on any purchase price (or whether you want to hang on for future royalties). There is a Market Place Topic on the forum where you can post acreage for sale.

Thank you getting back to me so quickly! My mineral rights are South East 1/4 and South 1/2, North East 1/4 of section 27 Township 10 North. Range 21 West. Approximately 240 acres. I inherited them from my maternal grandmother, Clara V. Day. She passed in 1988. I had no idea they existed until a land company located me, being the only heir. Thank You, Bart Day

I do not see any production in that section. Last was in 1950’s. Nothing really happening near there at the moment that is posted. Would suggest that you get at least two bids. Never hand over a deed without getting the money. Not a promise of money!

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