Help Request

My Uncle passed away two years before I was born in 1956. Only a portion of his mineral rights were know to my Aunt and recently a land man discoved several properties, (seven so far) that my family had no knowledge of and said there are probably more. The mineral rights have passed to me. An offer arrived for one of these from an oil co. I contacted the company through the email listed on the offer. The signature on the response identifies this contact as an independent land man. He says he wants to lease all the property in Creek, Okmulgee, and Okfuskee Counties. How can I search to find properties owned by the Uncle that were never listed in his estate?


Friend me and I can help you get started. Hit the blue person above and follow the directions. You probably do not want to do all these with the same guy. You need a whole lot more info before you get started. There are ways to search this on your own for free and then you can decided what to do.

Thank you sir.