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I received a call from my cousin the other day regarding a lawyer in Oklahoma trying to get a hold of me and my family. Apparently my great grandfather had mineral rights on some land that an oil company wants to access. I received a paper in the mail from Barnes law that Unit petroleum is wanting to pool in section 28 township 6 north range 8 west in Grady county. I have NO idea what to do next, it looks like we had 20 days from the date of the order to respond. The hearing date was Feb 22nd 2016 but the papers were signed on March 9th 2016 which date do i have 20 days to respond to? if no response then we fall into a default (looks like a higher cash payout with a smaller percentage?) The lawyers had no current addresses of any of my family members so we all received this notice late. Thanks!!


Respond by FedEx before 3/29 selecting the highest royalty and hope for the best. Read the order very carefully for the notification address and keep a copy of the fedEx receipt and require a signature.

You may be too late but will be protected for some royalty. If you get offers to purchase, get some professional help in evaluating the offers.

Thank you Gary!

Would the notification address be the Operator address which is Unit Petroleum Company? or the Lawyers address? and would we respond by simply typing a letter with our response? it also says we need to furnish a W-9.

Thanks again!


Use both addresses to be safe. Don't worry about the W9 That will come later after they prove your title for payment and way way after drilling.

Body of letter needs to reference the date and Order No. from OCC and "I hereby select option a, b, or c specified in article XX of the Order dated XXXX. Find your respondent number in the Order and include that with your name and the name of your ancestor as shown on the Responder's list.

If you know a lawyer, take the order to him or her and ask them to help with the letter of response to the order.

get going, Many parts of Grady Co are going to have long term production from wells being drilled today.

Gary Hutchinson

Wow! Thank you so much! That gives me a direction to go in! I appreciate your time.