Help please- First Time Mineral Owner

I was just contacted by a Landman who notified me that I own a share of mineral rights in Hughes County (Sect13-8N-10e) and included a lease agreement. I know nothing about mineral rights and leases except what I've read on this forum. Can anyone advise what a oil and gas attorney might charge to review and advise on a lease? Also, any recommendations for a oil or gas attorney? Thank you!

I do advise you get an attorney with oil and gas experience to review the lease. There is good information on here, but there are so many "moving parts" to an oil and gas lease, that it is best to have a knowledgeable person advise you. I am a retired Landman and was with a major oil company for 30 years. I have deep contacts, so if you let me know where you are located, I can try to find an experienced lawyer for you. I pay them about $300/hour, and it should not take more than 2-3 hours for a good attorney to turn a lease around. You can contact me at

How many net mineral acres do you own? Be careful on your costs and make sure you use an oil and gas attorney. If you will use an attorney, I’d recommend using one in the area. If you have substantial mineral acreage I would get your own lease form. There are a lot of good stewards here that can be most helpful.