Help Me Read New Mexico Mineral Maps

I need help reading this map. I have interests in the SE quarter of section 7. Obviously the well on the far East side of the section is in my rights. My question is it seems unusual to drill two wells a mile apart with none between, and even more unusual it appears to me that they have connected the two wells at the southern end of each! Am I reading all this correctly?

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Don- I believe this is a permit for only 1 well. The Dedication unit is the W/2 E/2 of both Section 6 & 7 and the E/2 W/2 of both Sections forming a 640 acre unit. The cross-dashed lines are just the outline of the sections. The surface location is near the center of the north line of Section 6, and the bottom hole will be near the center of the south line of Section 7.

That is part of the confusion to me. There are definitely TWO wells, 103H and 114H apparently hooked together at the S line. The first was well 114H, here is the copy of the 103H well. What is a “Dedication Line” anyway?

You’re right, there are two wells there (actually, there are 6 in the two sections). The “dedication” line is showing which 640 acre unit is being “dedicated” to that well. This helps clarify which lands exactly are included.

The wells share a surface location on the north end of the wells, which is common, then steer away from each other as they go down into the reservoir.

This spacing looks pretty typical to me if they’re hitting only one target, and it looks like all the wells have been drilled now and are waiting to be completed. You’re right on the edge of the play so they may be testing how these wells do before drilling more densely or additional depths like sections to the West of you.


Thanks, I just love your map, mine not so much!

You’re welcome! I’m working on a way to get them more accessible to the public but everything takes so much more time than expected when you’re a one-woman-band :). In the meantime, happy to post screenshots as I can.

I do have one question. In several maps, the exact path of the horizontal is different from each other. Do your blue lines EXACTLY follow the actual path of the well?

Nope, my blue lines just connect the starting point of the well (surface location) to the end of the well (bottom hole location). I don’t have the planned drill path loaded for these wells in my database, but after they’re drilled the survey will be available and loaded into the map.

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Thanks Tracy, that clears that up and makes good sense as well. Since the azimuth is identical for both wells, then it would be correct to assume they will have a parallel path, starting at the bottom hole location. Does that also mean they MIGHT decide to drill more in the East half of those sections in addition to those two wells?

You know Todd, I read your post several times and totally missed your explanation of the "cross dashed lines’. That now seems obvious, but was confusing me plenty! Thanks again.

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