Help locating fort stockton land

|Property ID:|36803| |Legal Description:|490 10 H&GN SEC 43LOT 2 N/2 NW/4| |Geographic ID:|00010-02043-00179-000000

Bought Fort, Stockton, TX land parcel described above in online auction over a year ago. I can not find anyway to map it to know exactly where it is to visit it or improve it. Is anyone familiar with this section to help locate or know who I could hire to draw me a map to it? Also wondering if it says 100% ownership does that mean i also own the mineral rights? Thanks

You only own the rights which were owned by the seller. Pecos County deed records are on-line and you can research title back through the chain of sellers to see what they owned. You acquired from ABW Auctions LLC. ABW acquired from Marie DuMabeiler. DuMabeiller acquired from Lara Miller who has been in similar title chains in several counties. The deed from Miller to DuMabeiller is recorded in Volume 794, Pages 400-403 and includes the plat with estimated location and legal description. This lot is one parcel out of the of the N/2 of NW/4 of Section 43, Block 10, H&GN Ry Co Survey which was subdivided into 5+ acre parcels and mapped by Carto, but not surveyed by a licensed surveyor. Generally, the history of these tracts is the seller only owned surface rights and the minerals are severed. To verify that, you will have to research further.