Help! Information would be greatly appreciated for New Mineral Rights Owners

May 2011, we inherited mineral rights in Stephens County, Oklahoma. Section 4, Township 2 North, Range 4 West, containing 70 acres more or less. We'd like to know if there is anyone who might be able to give us some insight on operations in that area. We are currently under an Oil and Gas Lease Contract. They have informed us by letter that they filed an application to force pool. We would like to know if anyone has any information on a time frame of the pooling and when the drilling might start. Actually any information would be beneficial as we live in North Carolina and this is all new to us.


You might want to post under "Groups" above; go to "County Groups"; scroll to Oklahoma; then to Stephens County. There are about 39 members in this group, all of which has interests in the Stephens County area. I sure someone on that site will be able to answer your question.

Jayanna you are avery lucky person to inherit minerals in this area. Continental Resouces just got through driling a well in 17-2N-4W and it is producing very very well!!! The well in 17 and our well in Grady County were both forced pooled around the same time and within a year after the pooling Continental drilled both wells at the same time. The well in 17 has been producing the last month and we are waiting on our well to be fracked on 4-2 because of a right-a-way issue when the were laying the gas pipe to the well. If you would go up and under groups and join the Stephens County and the Cana Woodford group you will be able to learn quite abit about this current oil and gad play in Oklahoma. Especially read all of the comment wall in Stephens county forum,alot of information on the 2N-4W AREA.

Jayanna, Which company is force pooling you? Both Continental Resources and Newfield-Mid-Continent have applications in for that section, it could end in legal action if one of them does not withdraw. It is very unusual that you would be force pooled if you are already leased. The purpose of the pooling order is to roundup the folks who have not yet leased. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. As Richard says you are in a good area. I am fortunate to have a small stake in the Poteet 1-17H which is the first horizonal well completion in 2N/4W. Good Luck