Help in transferring name on oil company's paperwork


i have recently inherited mineral rights from a relative. the deeds are currently in probate so until my name is registered with BP as the owner (or more accurately- the account is suspended until the end of probate) any finances and possibly correspondence will go to third parties that i’m not likely to ever get back. BP is currently drilling/has drilled a well on the property, however, when i called to put my name on record as the owner they say they have no record of my aunt’s lease or ss#. she had signed a lease with a different company which was subsequently purchased by BP. they asked for paperwork to search for her in their files. however, they told me it would probably be 3 months but they can’t make any promises.

i am wondering if anyone else had run into something similar and how they handled it.

thanks in advance,


This happens all the time. BP cannot put your name on the money until they have proof of ownership. You can try hunting for your aunt’s name to see if any leases pop up. Usually after 1991 or so. If you know who the first company was, you can try to contact them to get a copy of the lease. The executor of the estate is supposed to keep you apprised of any pending issues. Ask that they keep all documentation. You also might want to request a valuation of the mineral properties. You are going to need it later on.