Help in Pecos County re: Permanent Easement with Gulf Express

Can anyone please refer me to a reasonably priced lawyer (flat fee) who can help me finalize an easement for my land in Pecos county? Gulf Express wants to lay pipeline through it, and I am hesitant to continue negotiating on my own behalf because I do not think they will take me seriously enough as an individual.

Any help or referrals (with known fees) would be appreciated.

thanks, Christine Becker

Christine, I am sending you some useful information that I saved from the Forum. Good luck, PatPipeline easements and ROA agreements - A landowner’s list of terms to negotiate.docx (72.7 KB)

Christine, You didn’t mention whether this was a gathering line or proposed under threat of eminent domain.
In addition to topic posted by Pat, you may be able to negotiate and additional royalty override. This could prove to be more valuable in the long run.

Thank you for the agreement. As soon as I can get to my laptop I will be able to download it and look at it. As for your question, Richard, it is under threats of eminent domain. And I’m not sure what the royalty override means.?

Christine, If this is an eminent domain the override would not be a bargaining chip. You should visit with an eminent domain attorney in NM. We represent lots of owners in Oklahoma dealing with this type of issue. Typically the offer really low offers. Don’t believe them just because they have an appraisal. Generally you are looking at two components for just compensation.

  • Value of the land taken
  • Damage (decrease in value) for the remainder.