Help in MO, KS, NB Forest City Basin

At the interface of Devonian and Silurian "free oil and petroleum eithers" @ "2356 feet were found in a public private 1901, 55th US Congress survey with Missouri Bureau of Geology and Water and owner. This was the "deepest in the world" #1 Diamond Drill HOLE at that time by Sullivan Machine/Chicago. It is located at Section 4 Township 59 N / Range 38 W 5th P.M., can anyone in today's fracking know an O&G operator who may invest by royalty, bonus or share in this 100 + year find?

Is this in Missouri? I could help with some questions if you are interested.


Matt, Basically are there any independent O&G operators interested in revisiting this World’sDeepest #1 Diamond Drill Hole at time specialized vertical of course, reflexive it seems from the NB Richardson County operating, and now since fracking is pushing way over 2+ miles? cgebhart

Matt; One of the basic questions is–as this free petroleum and pet ethers were just pennies in 1901-’-would today’s techniques have any working operators for it and who? Also where would the gas notes to this spud be do you need them? Finally do you need recorded mineral rights deed or the State of Missouri inventory notes at Div of Geology and Water Resources be enough?