Help in Leasing Questions

I just found out my mother owns land in Reeves Co, TX. I am handling all her affairs. When researching, it appears that all the land located around our 5 acres is or has been leased. Is anyone leading land at this time? I cannot find out if she or who owns the mineral rights, but clearly we own the real property? Just looking for some guidance as we live out of State. Thank you so much

Leasing is still going on, just not as active as in years past and with some parts of the county definitely more active than other areas.

Determining who owns the mineral interest on your mother’s five acres may take some research in the deed records at the County Clerk’s office in Pecos, but here’s a link where you can see what is available online

If you have trouble finding what you need, post the legal description of the property (Abstract number, or Survey, Block and Section) along with the names in your mother’s chain of title and someone may be able to help you.

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