Help! I Think My Mom Inherited Mineral Rights!

Hello, A while back my Mom was going through her files and found a huge plat map with notes on it that she owns a percentage interest in Mineral Rights in Lewis and Clark County. I have found some info online but am looking for someone live to speak to because, we’re probably looking to lease or sell these rights. Any recommendations? Thank you in advance. Heather

You can observe qualified professionals (often with localized expertise) who provide services to mineral owners right here on The Mineral Rights Forum. You will notice them in 3 different instances on the site:

  • in display images and/or brief text messaging on site

  • in our Mineral Service Provider Directory in the main navigation above.

  • as a Business Member participating in many conversations throughout the site (note the blue colored “B” on their picture and blue text on their posts).

These practitioners are often able to provide the specific (and often localized) services that meet your needs.

The Mineral Rights Forum Administration

Hi Heather! Welcome to the forum! Do you know what part of the county the interest is in, as in North or South? There’s not a lot of activity in the South. There’s not a whole lot in the North either, but at least some.

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