HELP! I think I need an attorney? Enduro Bankruptcy

Looking for recommendation for a mineral rights attorney in ND. I own mineral rights in Burke County, ND that were being operated by Enduro Oil who filed bankruptcy. Production had decreased under them with their financial issues and now I was just informed that they sold the Mineral Rights to Cobra Oil & Gas out of TX. I have not received a revenue check for June or July. Scared of signs to come since I was told by Enduro when I called them that they produced Oil in June but it was not sold. Enduro says however they sold the rights to Cobra in January 2018 but meanwhile Cobra says they just took over in August. In the meantime I show no evidence of oil produced or sold. Is my lease now voided? Can I get out of my lease? The public search I did still shows the lease with Enduro not Cobra Oil & Gas. When I called the new company (Cobra) and questioned this I was told to go ahead an contact an attorney. YIKES. Please help.