Help - How to get into mineral rights

Hello All,

I am looking to invest into mineral rights. I would like to get some advice from you on how I can get started. I am a petroleum engineer by background and understand how to produce the resources. I however don't know how to get into investing. Please suggest something that I can do to educate myself and start investing.

I live in Harris county Texas.

Thank you very much

first, you need to decide where you would like to invest. Then you need to decide what kind of an investment would you like to make. Most likely, you wont’ be able to purchase the minerals. Most people don’t want to sell thier minerals, but they will lease them. If you lease them, you better have more capital to invest once somone drills these minerals. The easiest way to invest is to go lease areas and try to sell the leases to bigger companies. “flipping”. This is what drives the prices up for everyone. To lease minerals, you need to hire a land brokerage that will go lease on your behalf. This can be expensive with no guarantee of performance. Add me as a friend and I can tell you more, if you would like. There are all levels of investing, but it all depends on how much money you have to spend. In oil, it takes money to make money…

I agree with dap56 reply. Your question is too broad. "mineral rights" can mean many areas. Owning mineral rights usually means you inherited them. Leasing mineral rights means you are a driller. A driller usually has hundreds of millions invested into operations. Brokering mineral rights is what Landmen do between owners of rights and drillers. A Geologist, Lawyers, Brokers, and Energy Companies are the players. A Petro Engineer is nowhere in this chain until the oil is in the tank.

If you can define where you fit and want much more education, I have been in the energy business all of my life. I would be willing to accept a $10K consulting retainer and teach you an agreed to specialty of your interest.