HELP for mineral rights in Winkler Co Texas


My mom, who is in assisted living, received a letter form Patch Energy stating they wanted to buy her rights to: Section 19, Block 27, Public School Lands Survey, A-1736, Winkler County, Texas;

They also stated that a petition was filed in the Judicial District of Winkler County, Texas claiming the her dad, the defendant was unable to locate and the court approved the application for receivership and the court appointed receiver to act on behalf of these interests. They also state in order to terminate she would need a Texas attorney and filing suit.

If anyone can please help advise me on what/where I should start I would greatly appreciate it!

If you haven’t seen the earlier posts in the Winkler County section of the forum regarding that same Section 19, Blk 27 PSL you should check them out. Go to the top of this page, click Counties, then select Texas and then Winkler.

Apparently a number of other people, possibly some of your relatives, were also contacted by Patch Energy. See what you can learn from those posts and you can try contacting them on the forum.

I’d also try to contact that receiver the court supposedly appointed to represent the unlocated interests. It’s possible you will need a lawyer at some point, but I would first try to determine what your mother’s interest amounts to so you’ll have an idea if it is worth spending any money on. You could start by contacting the court, or if you don’t know it, the county clerk’s office for Winkler County. Try to find the name and contact information for the receiver so you can put them on notice that your mother is an heir to that interest.

If you haven’t seen it, here is the Railroad Commission’s map of that area with Section 19 (Abstract 1736) outlined in red. I don’t know where the specific mineral interest you are talking about is located by the four horizontal wells crossing that section are called the Felix Energy Holdings Half Moon 3019-27 #1H through 4H.

Thank you so much- I will call the court tomorrow and see what I can do!

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