Help for Elbert County oil & gas leasing

I’ve been reading your about your issues and concerns. I am with Petrovest, LLC, a small oil and gas land and minerals company based in Arapahoe County. Our principals reside in Elbert and Arapahoe Counties and been in the energy business in Colorado since 1979. We represent mineral owners in their negotiations with the large oil and gas operators and producers. We are independent and have no affiliation whatsoever with them. We understand the needs of local mineral owners, having negotiated oil and gas leases with Chesapeake, Conoco, EOG, Shell and many other large operators. Especially when it comes to the environmental impact of oil and gas drilling and operations including potential aquifer contamination, surface use issues, rig and operating noise, increases in heavy traffic, night-time operations and so forth. We are available to discuss potential solutions to these issues with you, however they must be negotiated into your oil and gas lease in order to be effective. If you work together in groups we can assist at no cost to you in negotiating your leases with the oil companies. So long as you are organized in groups of meaningful size and acreage, don’t be overly concerned about Colorado’s forced pooling statute. It is far more difficult to obtain a Commission order against multiple mineral owners over larger amounts of acreage, than individual holdouts. The statute should not be your motivation to lease. Making a well-informed decision and obtaining market rates should be your motivation.You are welcome to contact us at any time. Thanks, Jeff Lavenhar (303) 519-1142.