Help FInding out about ownership of Mineral Rights

Hi I received a letter a couple years ago from Tierra Exploration that wanted to lease my mineral rights on land they said I owned. I thought it was a fluke, because I was unaware of owning any, although my father did own mineral rights in other states. I just found the letter again and called the man from Tierra Exploration and he said they had done a thorough investigation and they they are indeed my mineral rights. I really have no idea if that’s true or if they have me confused with someone else with the same name.

So I need to know if that’s true, and how do I find out? Do I use an online service for courthouse records? Or do I need to go to Gaines County and look somewhere? I live in Arizona but could drive over if its worthwhile of course.

He said it was in Section 341, Block G, in Gaines County. And around 160 acres of land. He also said they had looked because they were thinking of doing horizontal drilling but then didn’t go through with it a couple years ago.

I am completely new to this, so I appreciate any advice anyone can give me. Thank you so much! Laura

Laura, I have mineral rights in Sections 310, 344 and 346 of Block G leased through Tierra Exploration. The 5 year lease is 3 years into it. We never hear from them, but I watch here occasionally and haven’t seen any permits on my blocks. I really don’t know what I’m watching as this is all foreign to me, but I watch anyway and try to keep up. So, can’t provide you any advice except to negotiate!

It looks as if Oxy has acquired leases in Sections 310 and 344.