Help discovering mineral rights

Good evening…

I found this forum in hopes that someone can guide and direct me in where to even begin with solving a mystery in my family. It has recently come to my attention that my father’s side of my family at one time owned the minerals rights to what was once my great-grandparents farm in Jonesville, VA (Lee County). This would have been back in the early to mid 1980’s. I believe that much of this was kept hushed for whatever reasons. My question is how do I even go about finding out if there are any royalties from this? I am literally the last living person in this direct line of my family so I have no one I can ask or even talk to on where to begin with this.

Hi AG, hopefully you can locate where your property is and then you would be able to see if there is any oil and gas activity on a map like the one attached below of the Jonesville area. Also, being able to search, or have a landman search the county records for oil and gas leases, property and mineral deeds and property transfers under your family’s names will help you greatly in understanding what you have. There isn’t a lot of activity in the immediate area of Jonesville. Maybe 4 or 5 wells within three miles of the town. With more details on the location, you would be able to tell if your property might be involved.