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Here trying to make heads or tails out of all this. My girlfriend inherited a Mineral Deed in Kingfisher 20-17N-8W a few years back has had the Deed switched into her name. Upon doing some research in the area seems to be very active. So many questions not sure where to start Gross vs Net acreage (dose Net change with new activity or production) ? Where to located Lease information for said property ?

If your friend has minerals in sec. t17n r. 8w they should have been leased as Newfield reported drilling a well in dec. 17,2015. hope she wasn't forced pooled. Leases there are around $2500/a

Should have a good well as that is a good area.

I don’t think she has leased anything where dose she stand with the force pulling

John, leases, along with deeds, mortgages, easements, liens, etc., are filed in the county clerk’s office of each county, and indexed by legal description of the property. Call or visit the clerk’s office for assistance. You may find the index and/or documents can be viewed or printed online either at cost per page, by subscription, or in some cases for free.

Net will vary, as net interest in a deed tract, or interest in a spacing or drilling unit. I hope this information is helpful. All of us here were, at some time, clueless. Depending upon how much you want to get into the understanding of mineral ownership, I would share more learning resources with you.

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