Help! Advice needed regarding Sale of Mineral Rights

My husband inherited approximately 7 mineral acres, which are currently leased by Antero and are producing through 4 different wells. We have recently been approached about selling the mineral rights, but we have no idea what would be a "reasonable" offer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I believe we negotiated very poorly when we agreed to the lease, and we don't want to agree to sell if the offer is ridiculous. Thanks in advance!


Would you be able to provide greater detail on this parcel, what district or even the well names or API number associated with the wells. That will enable better insight and accuracy in a suggested sales price.


As best I can tell from my paperwork, the are Yoke Unit 1H & 2H, Crislip Unit 1H, and Dorothy Unit 1H & 2H. Does that help?


That does help, the parcel is in the New Milton District.

I sent you a "Friend Request" here on the site, if you accept, I might be able to give you a bit more insight.

Thanks! Just accepted your request.

Also, does anyone have experience or an opinion regarding U.S. Mineral Exchange as to whether that is a better avenue for selling?

Hold on to your shares...the prices have went down considerably over the last two years. Remember folks have their own best interest. If they offer you $5, it is probably worth $10 in good times. Crude has dropped from $100 a barrel to $43 today. Be patient.

Thanks, Stephanie. We’re not in any rush…just exploring options at the moment. There’s a lot to learn here and we want to make sure that any decisions we may make are the right ones for us. The option to sell would be attractive to us, but only if we felt it was a reasonable offer. So all advice is greatly appreciated!

Mrs. Chrislip: I am an oil & gas landman in Shreveport, La. and have been reading of your lease in Doddridge Co., WV. If you still own these mineral rights, I can advise----and do not want anything...normally I would want to buy your minerals, but not this time. It appears to me after reading several clips like yours that y'all MAY be getting taken advantage of. Maybe not. Anyhow, if you can send me EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT--NUMBER ACS., PRODUCTION FIGURES, OR GUESSES, are you receiving any $ now? I will be able to put this together with your help and advise, only.One thing is pretty much for sure---whatever you have been offered-whether the highest they will offer or not----is not as much as you CAN receive.

I have been in the oil & gas business 40 plus years. write back or call me. ,,,,187 Waters Edge Dr., Shreveport, La. 71106