Hello ted preston

Hello Mr. Preston

I chatted with you a couple of weeks ago on my Fathers mineral acreage. I got the location for you. If not too much trouble please look into if good Lease. Here are the details:
1. Full bonus consideration of $200.00
2. 3/16th (18.75%) royalty
3. Five year term
4. Option to renew for additional 5 year term with payment of additional bonus of $200.00
5. Subject to verification of title.

TOWNSHIP 34 North, Range 73 West, Converse County, WY
Section 23: NE/4SE/4
Section 24: SW/4NW/4, W/2SW/4, SE/4SW/4

Containing 200.00 gross acres, .22864 net mineral acres, more or less.

Thank again,

Hi Mr. Preston, Thanks for the quick response. I really appreciate your expertise and input. If it turns out to be a “GUSHER”, I owe you LUNCH - ha. Good Luck & Good Investing. Lori


We have also been approached by a landman to lease a fairly good size part of our mineral ownership. Would you mind sharing who has approached you? I’m also new to this and am trying to do my research. My understanding is that this is potentially a very hot area and if we can all “force-pool” our resources, we can all get the best deals. Thanks!