Heldreth Well Production?

I recently found that my siblings and I have a small mineral interest in some properties in Payne County that were originally acquired by our great grandfather many years ago. On one of the properties a company named FHA Operating has drilled a well. Our interest was force pooled. I have contacted the companies that are buying both the gas and oil production from this well: DCP Midstream and Pacer respectively, and I have been methodically putting together the documents that they are requiring for royalty to be paid out. Pacer refuses to tell me what the well is actually producing. How can I get that information? I believe the name of the well is Heldreth. It is in S 21- T 18 N - R 4 E.



You may try putting this address in your browser I'm not sure it will come up but

does show production for SE quarter of that section 316 bbl oiul for Dec and Oct 2012,

and production in Sept and June 2013 of 501 MCF of gas in NE quarter of that section.

Ron will probably get back to you he's much better at finding productions.

Sorry forgot to say search by legal description.


Here is a link to production. If you made an election under the pooling or were given the default option under the pooling you can still lease the deeper formations. Below is a copy of the pooling order . Let me know if you need more info or help . FHA's wells aren't that great but the deeper formation might be better . I'll look around .


Phillip and Ron, Thank you both!