Held by production in S15 4N 3W

We had a landman who informed us that a particular interest was held by production, but we aren’t getting paid on that interest. We have reviewed all the wells in this section on the OCC site and none of them seem to pertain to us. How do find out if a mineral interest is HBP and who the producer is? Our interest is in the NW4 NE4 of S 15 4N 3W.

You can look up any wells on the following site: Test

You can also look up production data on the following site: Gross Production

You may not be held by any of the three active wells still left in the section, but you may be held by the waterflood units that extend into other sections. The unit is called the Southeast New Hope Gibson sand unit.http://imaging.occeweb.com/OG/Unitization/00000001/OCC_OG_2QPRQGR_3GMT436.pdf. Look up your area on p 1 of the list. Your well may have been the J.E. Bell.-Tr 72-perhaps known as SE New Hope Unit H-13. ? The map has 72 but the list has Tr 15. All of section 15 was contained in the order. Even if that well went out, the other wells may keep your interest alive. Sinclair Oil & Gas Co was the original owner. Talk to the landman again and get more information.

The production and unitization history of that area is complicated. Bear in mind that your tract might be subject to an older oil and gas lease that remains in effect even though there’s not a producing well nearby. This could be for a few different reasons (1) the older lease covers multiple sections and there is no pugh clause that would allow the lease to terminate as to undeveloped or non-producing lands (2) your tract was originally part of a larger tract when it was leased pre-statutory pugh (3) as M_Barnes suggests - there’s a secondary recovery unit in continued operation that blankets the area.

In the case of (3), the most likely imho, you should be receiving some royalty payments. Agree with M_Barnes, the landman has already done some of this legwork. See if they will give you more information.


M Barnes: The OCC site does not work well with my Mac… it seems to need Internet Explorer? My searches aren’t working. Although I was able to search from another page in the site… But I am really flummoxed now, because I have around 160 NMA in Sections 10, 15, 21 & 22 4N 3W, Garvin and have never been paid on the Southeast New Hope Gibson Sand Unit. Nothing in my files. Nothing comes up with a Google search. But I was able to follow your link and saw the map…which appears to include all those sections.

I use it on a MAC all the time. Usually with Chrome or Safari-haven’t used Explorer in years. And my computer is old! Be sure and use leading zero before 04N03W. Talk to the landman again and see what information they have and ask him who the operator is. Go to unclaimed funds on the OK Treasurer site and see if anything is being held there. Some of these water floods go back to the 1940’s, so were held under very old leases. I am attaching some of the unitization reports. There appears to be a couple of pages missing in the scans. Sorry, but that is what is available.

http://imaging.occeweb.com/OG/Unitization/00000001/OCC_OG_37G5BAE_1ENCTCG.pdf http://imaging.occeweb.com/OG/Unitization/00000001/OCC_OG_1A9JVQ7_0TI4LD0.pdf http://imaging.occeweb.com/OG/Unitization/00000001/OCC_OG_3EMUSFE_2CG0VO2.pdfhttp://imaging.occeweb.com/OG/Unitization/00000001/OCC_OG_1A1JUQ7_0TI4LDC.pdf

This is the unitization link:OGUnitization You can type in your sections such as 1504N03W in the location box. Or you can type in Order # 37129 or Case # 10823.

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Okay… good to know about the Mac. My brother, sister and I were all having problems… but we’re kinda old. We will work on the OCC system some more. The landman was actually a couple of years ago and I’m just now getting around to following up, so I have lost his contact info… just have a note that I made. Nothing at OK unclaimed funds. I will follow these links and do some more research, but it appears to me that I need to hire a professional to figure out why we have never been paid on this. It may not be acceptable to recommend someone on this site, but if it is, and you can, please do.

You can observe qualified professionals (often with localized expertise) who provide services to mineral owners in our Mineral Service Provider Directory. These practitioners are often able to provide the specific services that meet your needs.

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And by the way, I found the tracts on the map we are under and every single one of the tract names have our last name in them. There are eight of them.

Another avenue to search is www.okcountyrecords.com. Search under your family name (and ways to misspell any names). The records usually go back to about 1991 or so digitally, so you may find some records of leases, probates, sales, etc. Free to look but costs a bit to print. You might find out more clues to what happened.

To be fair, the OCC has recently updated their website :slight_smile: I was a little lost the other day when I was looking at it.

If you go to the conducting business link- it provides different places to look and a link to the Unlocated Mineral Owners Search. You may also try searching in the county records to see if there is anything you can find there.

Good Luck!

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It surprised me as well when I logged on to the OCC. Everything moved around, but once you get used to it, you can find things again. “Conducting business” is where to start.

After reviewing all the New Hope Gibson Unit documents, I don’t see anything that happens after a “Declaration of Abandonment of operations and Resolution of Unit”. I don’t think that Unit is in production anymore. If anyone knows differently, please let me know. I still don’t know what would be holding this property. I will look again on the OCC website, although I felt like I had seen everything there, but it was a different search page than what you got me to, M Barnes. I wish I had gotten more info from that landman. I just figured he was right and I’d be able to find it when I looked!

Interesting post about the history of the region.

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