Heirship regarding mineral rights in Laramie WY

I received a notice from an attorney regarding determining heirship on September 1st 2021 regarding a small parcel of mineral rights in the Township of 14 North, Range 64 West, 6th P.M.,Laramie County WY. I did find the notice in the Pine Bluffs WY news Bulletin. Evidently from past relatives, Grandmother and Great grandfather. The attorney mentioned that it would go to a hearing on Oct. 8th, 2021 if there were no objections. Someone in my family had told the attorney that 'I would Not want to be associated with this proceeding and therefore would not want to file any taxes due. I’m confounded by that statement, as I didn’t even know the claim exited. The attorney said the judge would sign off on Oct. 8th. I confronted the attorney (by email) about the situation and he simply said “Don’t worry, your fractional interest will soon be vested in your name and income from that share will soon come”. I’ve investigated some, the area is very small and there doesn’t seem to be any production in the area, just applications by EOG Energy and one from 2011 by Chesapeake, but no production as of yet. A relative has told me they sold mineral rights back in 2015 for $250.00. I have a landman friend that says there is nothing going on in the area. I have searched the WOCCG for unclaimed funds for everyone that the email was sent to, along with mineral rights from deceased relatives, But would appreciate any information anyone could give me with the new attorney. P.S. I’ve been estranged from my family for quite some time.

If heirship is being established, it’s usually because their is interest in the parcel. Quite abit going on in the immediate area. My mineral rights are in the area. My royalties started coming in 3/19 We now have 3 wells on the parcel I have mineral rights to.

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