Heirship question

Hi I have some mineral rights that I just found out about that my grandfather had it is not in my name yet there’s a company that has been calling me trying to buy it now there telling me there going to take it can they do that please any info will be good thank you

Some states have a quiet title or quit claim provision whereby the surface owner can claim the mineral rights if the current mineral owner hasn’t takes steps to keep them. Research that, or better yet contact a mineral attorney.

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What state (and county if you know it) are the mineral rights in? Every state has different laws concerning mineral rights, and those laws can differ widely. And, is the company contacting you to buy the mineral rights, or to buy an oil and gas lease covering those mineral rights? Those are two very different things. If I knew more, I might be able to help.

Do not let any company rush you. The more they try to rush, the more they know that you would like to know. It is possible that they are trying to put together a deal for a well, or they know there will be quite a few more wells drilled and they want to buy you out at a low price and they will make a large profit. If you post the area, folks on the forum may be able to help you with activity in your area, etc. Also find out if you are in a state where if the minerals are not claimed within a certain number of years, the surface owner can claim them back. In that case, you need legal help for sure.

Thank both of you I guess it’s time to lawyer up

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