Heir to mineral rights in Doddridge Co.......HELP

Was contacted by Antero informing me that me an my two sisters an four cousins own miners rights in Doddridge Co they were my Grandmothers since 1926 an we didn't know anything about this, its in Grant District near Big Flint gross 12 Acres. They sent us paper work to sign a lease an wanted mailed right back to them we got the paper work on Tuesday July 19 an want it back by July 25 an said they would pay us each a bonus of $500.00 I don't know anything about this kind of stuff but think some thing don't seem right them rushing us like that. Any advice on what to do would be so helpful please. Thank You.


I sent you a friend request to talk directly. I wouldn't rush in to signing anything. If you and your cousins all own a part of your grandmother's minerals without knowing about it (which honestly happens all the time), you will still own them after the company's timeline! You certainly run the risk of them pulling out of the area, but you are usually better off to make an informed decision. I'll be happy to help you guys out.


Jimmy Wright, CPL, CMM

Do you really think they are going to pull out for 5-10 acres?

I think that since they just contacted these people that they might give it a month or two.

Antero is active in Doddridge. Ask the Landman for a copy of the title opinion pertaining to your mineral parcel. I sent you a friend request.