Heir from my adoptive mother's husband Sylvester King

Transferred from Sylvester king to me I started ownership july 2019. I got royalty check October 31 2019. I got small amount.i get royalty check 1 time year. I got division order and property tax bill for mineral production that all. I am deaf first time I am ownership last year 2019. My gas well at Fannie I Gordon where working on gas well. I dont have own land. I want to know who own fannie I gordan land?

Please help me thank you

Welcome to the forum. You would have to post your state, county and the section, township, range or abstract info to get a better answer as you did not give enough information in your first post.

I will try looking paper and let you know

I found fannie gordan 1502 N 7th st fort Smith Arkansas

Section township range 9 8N 32W

Please help me

Do you know the county where the land is located? Then someone from Arkansas can hopefully help.

It is quite likely that the surface land was severed or separated from the mineral acres many years ago. If so, then it has no relationship to the mineral acres now.

Sebastian county and thank you

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