Heath Shale Play in MT

I've been hearing a lot about the Heath formation in central Montana. Seems pretty hush-hush so far though as far as exploration. My holdings are in Garfield county in the very upper east corner of the Heath. Does anybody know where I can get updates? Thanks.

my family was just informed last week that we have a very small percentage in a well. It came in at 450 bpd and oil company seems to be very happy with that. I am working over in the bakken that would be a poor well in ND. Not sure were to get more info as you said, everything is hush hush right now.

Gordon, about all you can do is follow it with MT's weekly activity reports. They'll show new permits and any new well production results. These reports (typically 3-6 pages) are for the entire state so you'd quickly scan through looking for Garfield (depending upon how far north you are, perhaps and/or Rosebud) counties. To date, very little has been reported so far on results. We are all waiting to see if this will pan out.

Joe, I'm not sure if I've seen one posted at 450. So I'm guessing they haven't reported it yet. If you're not sworn to secrecy would you mind sharing the well's name, and/or at least a twp & range?

Joe you're right on comparing production, though I doubt anyone expects the Heath to match Bakken numbers. "They" seem confident the Heath holds a considerable amount of oil. However none of "them" has yet publicly proven they'll be able to produce it. They also believe the Heath rock may not be as tight as the Bakken. Finally they are drilling down about 5,000 feet for these Heath wells vs 10,000 in ND. As a result, the economics of a Heath well with a 450 IP is much kinder than that same production on a Bakken well. So if your IP report (450) is accurate I'm guessing they'll be very happy to drill more.