Hays well in section 20 2N3W


Does anyone have info on Hays well by Newfield. Is it producing?


The Hays well goes north into 17, 8 & 5. It won’t produce in 20. Studdard 1H-20X is in 20. Hays looks like it went offline in Dec 2017. Back up barely in February and again in May. Not much…


Thank you. What are your thoughts on potential drilling in that section?


Karla, If you are asking about sec 20, the Studdard well is doing fine and Newfield doesn’t have to drill anytime soon to hold the leases. However, they placed the well on the far west side leaving room for quite a few more.

If you are asking about the Hays well, it may have been shut down while the many Hays wells in 5 & 8 were starting to be frac’d. May take a while to come back online.