Hawkwood Energy?

Has anyone had problems with Hawkwood Energy and getting paid? It has been multiple e-mails to the division analyst no answer. Supposedly something went in the mail two weeks ago and I have still yet to receive it? I bought some royalties at auction and its been nothing short of a disaster trying to work with them…

It is useful if you give the state and county in your question.

Not sure where Hawkwood is located, but there are several areas of Texas that were affected by the Imelda storm and just now restoring regular mail service.

I believe that Hawkwood HQ is Denver. With a field office in College Station. It is for Brazos County Texas.

I would try certified mail return receipt so you have a solid paper trail and a receipt that someone received your mail.

I have some property in Burleson county and made a deal with Hawkwood about 5 months ago. I didn’t have a problem getting paid.

About to sign pooling agreement Hawkwood sent. Does anyone know if pooling agreements for NPRI are negotiable? I have no clue what all this means. Just thankful grandparents have passed down.

We have 2 wells in Robertson County leased to Hawkwood and have never had issues getting paid.

Thanks Rick! I guess now I need to find out if I need to negotiate the agreement. They want it for 5 years. Maybe I should hire a lawyer but worried the cost they’ll charge.